knowledge management:    what is it ?


We'd like to set the scene by identifying two things we believe knowledge management isn't:

(1)  It isn't primarily about information technology, and

(2)  As a concept, it isn't actually that new...

In knowledge management it's people that matter At 4sight we see knowledge management is a valuable set of perspectives that should be focused mainly on people - not systems and not technology.

It's roots can be traced to a diverse set of mainstream management concepts running back such as human resource management (HRM), quality management (e.g. TQM), Business Process Reengineering, the Learning Organisation and Client Relationship Management (CRM).

4sight's consultants work passionately towards helping our customers make the most of the way their organisations create, communicate, share, build on, organise, store, measure, use and reuse it’s most important asset – knowledge.

Our goal will always be to introduce lasting changes that are appropriate to the culture of your organisation and its ongoing effectiveness.

Before providing an indication of practical tools and techniques, we'd invite you to consider some overall benefits offered by knowledge management.....

why knowledge management matters

seven key knowledge management dimensions