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click for more on direct marketing click for more on other servicesData management encapsulates the policies, procedures and real (not just espoused) practices concerning an organisation’s marketing data.

4sight’s range of services focuses on the more human-oriented aspects of this discipline (We feel there are plenty enough other providers offering software or technology-based solutions).

Whether data is created manually or acquired, it needs to be recognised and treated as a valuable asset.

Data can be said to have a value-contributing life-cycle, but it takes work, commitment and resources to maximise this value. The effective capture, checking, combining, cleansing, coordinating, storing, retrieval, application and eventual disposal of data will not happen unless an organisation’s culture, lines of communication and leadership-by-example are suitably supportive.

4sight’s consultants have worked on addressing the above issues within companies of all sizes. Most surprisingly they have consulted within globally-known companies who themselves are data management specialists. Sometimes an external view can provide insight on issues that are being avoided or simply not seen….

The objective here can be summarised as being:

  • Helping organise often disparate, messy data held in different places in different forms into a common form in a single access point

  • Enhancing that data

  • Generating leads

  • Addressing issues such that sustainable improvements to accuracy, efficiency and usability of the data are achieved

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