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4sight market analysis servicesMarket analysis might be taken as an attempt to ‘deconstruct’ then make sense of a market’s constituent components and the factors that influence them.

A market’s primary characteristics can be determined by the players involved, which extend beyond customers / consumers and competitors to encompass suppliers, distribution channels - and even the threat from substitute products or technologies.

Depending on your brief, budget and timescales, 4sight's approach can extend from using a wide range of secondary (i.e. previously compiled) ‘desktop’ research sources, to preparing and conducting primary market research where information is collected that is specific to the brief and from the audience concerned.

The results should provide a highly valuable qualitative and quantitative "snapshot" indicating the size, structure and distinguishing features of the market(s) in question. By identifying environmental factors (e.g. technology, society, political etc.) driving change, indications can be given as to future trends and scenarios.