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4sight primary research servicesPrimary research involves making direct contact with customers, channel partners or representative groups of the target market to obtain information that illuminates a specific issue, typically where existing secondary market data isn't specific or thorough enough for the analysis concerned.

The advantages of primary research include control, up-to-date information, as well as its ability to be repeated over time for comparison and measurement of trends.

4sight's consultants will recommend the most cost effective and results-oriented methods clearly focused on a client's objectives. 

Primary data collection methods employed by 4sight include:-
  • structured telephone surveys
  • on-line (internet based) questionnaires
  • email response questionnaires
  • focus groups
  • or even a mix of the above

  • 4sight will assume a full project management role from conception and design to implementation and data collection...... through to reporting on results, analysis and final presentation.

    Beyond guiding customers through the more 'technical' issues (such as appropriate sample size, survey or questionnaire design, issues of confidentiality and transparency, languages and translations...etc.), 4sight's experience and approach adds further value by helping customers air and consider potentially inhibiting assumptions in order to better understand the underlying problem or issue being addressed.

    4sight's deliverables over the years have ranged from a simple quantitative questionnaires to pan-European surveys in multiple languages using an established network of call centres, emailings or on-line survey technology.

    Each research exercise has two primary objectives: maximizing client return on investment  and finding clear, relevant answers to key strategic and or tactical questions.

    survey online surveys

    Call centre & focus groups

    Example questions we've helped answer:
    How customers really view products.....
    Why channel partners/distributors might not be recommending products/services to end customers ...... Influence and roles in the decision-making process...... Brand awareness, perceptions and association....  Perceptions of quality......

    How services or availability might be improved.....

    and comparisons with (perceived) competitive products....