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4sight prospect lists4sight's consultants have been sourcing prospect lists for their business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients for over ten years. But in this 'search-engine driven' age surely anyone can find a list these days with only a few clicks of a mouse ?

We'd agree up to a point: That being perhaps where a marketing exercise is delayed as the data arrived in an unexpected format with missing fields. Or where clients might end up paying excessive amounts for unused data. Or where a sales and marketing campaign underperforms as the target audience seems to remain illusive...

So where does 4sight add value ?

It's all about making the most of our client's limited resources, especially time and money. Using 4sight can shortcut the list acquisition process ensuring clients achieve a greater return on their marketing investment. Factors worth considering include: 

  • 4sight maintains an in-house 'list of lists' with over 200 key list providers across Europe and further afield

  • 1st hand experience of working with many of these list providers improves results by reducing risk and unknowns

  • With a strong understanding of sometimes complex selection criteria and field structures the right questions are asked at the onset

  • Indicative tests for completeness, accuracy and 'currentness' are provided pre-delivery to client

  • With agency status, prices are managed to the client's advantage e.g paying for data used rather that simply received

  • Extensive experience with list providers e.g. across most of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) can help overcome language and cultural issues

  • An understanding of data compliance and licensing issues helps protect clients from potential problems or unknowns.

    Much of the above centres on sound quality management principals, that "prevention is far preferred than cure"....  Preventing little problems at the onset that will 'add value to wastage' further down the delivery process.

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